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coilovers for accent

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hey guys, I'm hoping someone here knows what aftermarket Honda coilovers(sleeves) would work on my accent.
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Why would you want honda sleeves? They do make coilover sleeves for the accent, but they need to be paired up with some really good durable struts to last. Why not spend a lil more today and get the better quality and performance rather than paying a lil less today and having to spend an accumulative amount down the road. They have the ksport coilovers in the groupbuy section and let me tell you, they are great. 100 million times better than what I heard about those cheap sleeves. Thats just my opinion on the subject.
because I can get them for next to nothing.

true coilovers are far from necessary, Hella overkill on a hyundai. If I was tracking the car competitively I would get true coilovers, but since i'm not right now sleeves are fine.
Sleeve style coilovers are pretty much universal. Just make sure you get a spring rate and height that will suit your needs.
Well, not quite universal.

You just have to make sure that the ID of the sleeve is larger than the OD of your strut body. I believe LC's have a 49mm OD... I THINK. Most struts from other makers are about 51mm. I remember there was something funny about honda sizes though.

Also, you want to ensure the length from the spring perch to the top of the strut body is longer than the length of the sleeve. Otherwise you'll need to chop it shorter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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