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Cold or Ram Intake

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hey, i just got my accent not to long ago and i was wondering what kind of intake i should get, either cold air or short ram. Can you please list some sites where i can get them? thank you
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welcome and short ram:rambo: autozone "tubing kit" like $30ish and filter is like $20.... rice on:chinese:

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Ok so short ram is better. Anyone know where i can find a good one and thats affordable?
i heard cosmoracing wasnt that good and evofusion has only cold air intakes.
what r u bumping? this post is like an hour old. Go to the newbie forum and ask your questions
i have the cosmo CAI and i personally think its a great piece, a little trouble on the install but i'm very happy with the performance and sound i got out of it, more sound than performance but its all good. everyone says the short ram is better, the reasons make sense but i don't see there being THAT much of a difference.
I just strapped a K&N cone filter onto the existing factory hose b/c I'm tho...
Originally posted by WanValdez
I just strapped a K&N cone filter onto the existing factory hose b/c I'm tho...
It's ok...I did too lol. What can I say...I'm cheap!
if you just want the extra pep, and dont care much for the looks just go to any big hardware type store (I used rona last time, in canada) but im sure home depot etc has them is just some rubber pipe couplings (about $6?) and get a muffler shop to bend you a piece of 2.5" pipe to get the filter where you want it, toss one coupling on the TB->Pipe and the filter should have a rubber end of the appropriate size with its own metal clamp and just clamp that on the other end of the pipe, some people like to secure those kinds of things down, some just let it sit there.

as for that hose that comes off the intake pipe right before the TB im not sure if its a vacume line or just a breather hose so you can either get one of those little tiny filters for it, or put it on where the hose starts, or see if the muffler shop can cut a small hole in your pipe with a blowtorch and weld on some kind of small bung for the hose (they prob' wont have a pice of pipe small enough so you might have to get one from a plumbing shop, id say about 1/4"-1/2" but measure off the stock one.

they will prob only charge you $20 + shop fees for the pipe (maybe more for the small cut/weld but I dont think so) just say your doing it straight cash and they will usually cut you a good deal and lots of people get simple intakes done at muffler shops so they should know what you are talking about.

That is prob what im gonna do as well.

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the thing is fellas, if you don't strap down the intake. It's really bad for it to move around. Just wanted to let you guys know...if you didn't already lol. Also what I did was I got the Short Ram for a Honda Civic. and K&N Filter. The civic one is bent at about a 45 degree angle. I had my cousin's friend's shop (lol) bent it just about 3 degrees over because it would have run into the wheel well. Also I left the factory piece of the resonator on so I can strap it down dood and tight. Oh wait I forgot to mention, I painted the thing black because the zip ties holding it down would have stuck out like a sore thumb. So basically I used 2 zip ties and cut them at the tied down base. Looks realy good, hardly noticeable, and it was fairly cheap. about $40 for everything. Good luck!
I just ordered a K&N Cone Filter (2.5" I.D, 6" L) and a sillicone coupling, which should arrive monday at which point i'll hit a muffler shop and get a 2.5" pipe bent up to position the filter around where the stock air box it, not sure if I wanna have the filter sit in the box or remove the box and rig up some kind of mount for it.

Does anyone know if that hose comming off the intake pipe is just a breather hose that I can put one of those tiny filters on or does it have to be attached to the intake pipe? (sorry to hijack but better to use an old thread than start a new one :) )

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that hose is for blow-by, it blow the exess oil into the intake, you can make a DIY catch can for it
well the shop I was going to use to get the pipe made up is to busy so what I did in the mean time just to try it out was attach the filter to the end of the corrigated intake pipe and had the filter just sitting in the stock air filter box (with cover and filter removed) the hood closed so that it was only gently pushing down on the filter which seemed to hold it in place which was good, and although I didnt notice much more pull (even though its hard to tell just tooling around the local streets, staying below 80k) the engine sounds alot more agressive but the setup still manages to filter out most of that hissing sucking sound.

anyways I was wondering what is the really long rectangle thing that hangs down from the intake right after the air box, there is no hoses going in and out and it has some foam stuff down at the lower end and it hooks into a rubber holder that is on the air box for stability, unless its some kind of intake resonator I have no idea what its for :|
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i am making semi luke warm intake for my 02. i have a short ram installed and because there are a lot of flooded road in the fall and spring around here i am making a scoop and pipe combo to funnel cool air toward the filter. i hope that keep the temp lower - we will see. hey first post - i feel special!
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