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Cold Start Problems?

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Has anyone else here experienced this or a similar problem and fixed it successfully?

On a dead cold start the car will crank up normally. Punch the gas once, and the rpm's just stay around 1300 for a couple seconds before rising like normal. If you don't punch it a couple times, then the car will fall flat on its face when you try to accelerate the first time. After the first shift, it clears up. Almost like the engine's flooded.

Any ideas?
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sounds like a fuel delivery problem, like its not keeping any gas in the line when it off maybe? trippin any codes or anything like that?
no codes surprisingly. That was the first thing I checked when I realized I had this problem. Even all the pid data (live datastream of all sensors) looks good. I haven't had the chance to hook up a fuel pressure gauge to it yet, but it does quite feel like a lack of fuel. The only reason I thought maybe it was flooding is because I've heard of problems with the vapor purge valves on Hyundai's sticking open, causing a weird no-start and then a rough idle for seconds after finally getting it started. But even then it would set a code for an evap. leak.

Maybe I'll just have to try rigging in a tee fitting somewhere to test for fuel pressure, seeing as my tiburon doesn't have a service port for the fuel rail.
I've had this problem with my accent, except the check engine came on after it bogged out .
I'm having a similar problem on a cold start the accent will start normally but if you only drive a short distance when you start the car again it wont rev and you have to wait around 15-20 mins for it to "fix itself"

Its been to a garage and no codes were coming up! anyone any ideas?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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