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Cooling the T25

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I am in the middle of alot of work, and just removed the auto transmission cooling lines to the radiator. I was wondering if I could could use these lines for my turbo?

I should mention that I am doing a Auto to Manual swap.
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Sure, if its coolant and water running through there, by all means hook it up to the turbo. That will certainly help turbo heat/life, and underhood temperatures.
um, some turbos are meant to only be cooled by oil. Not sure which one you got. Does it have 4 lines or two?
Sorry, I wasn't very clear here.
Yes, these lines were for trans oil, but will not be needed for the manual tranny. So, I was going to use them, but with water in the lines.

This way water would heat up in the turbo, and flow up and hopfully though the radiator, and back to the turbo. It wont have a pump. I am thinking this will be ok, BC i know a few people that don't use any coolant lines at all.

What do you think?
It has 4 lines. two for oil, and two for water.

Now that I am thinking about it, oil cooled does sound better.
Don't put water where the oil should go....that would suck....:dead::dead::dead:
It won't work because nothing will be pumping the water through the turbo. Just take the lines from the throttle body.
I recently changed my radiator and got the auto one for my car even though its a manual. My plan is to buy the oil filter adapter and use that to feed to the tranny cooler and use it as an oil cooler instaed.
Shawn will you find one for me?? :shocked:
I kinda thoght that it had 4 lines.. and that you would route it to the block... yeah, oil and water is better than just oil. but dont mix them up.
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