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Correct tire pressure. Summer, Winter, Sport & Economy

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Hey everyone,

Can you all post a little info on what the best tire pressure is for specific conditions?

I guess starting with tire size, conditions, and driving purpose.

This would really be great because everytime I look up "What is the best tire pressure", or "How to improve on gas mileage", I get the same answers. (Not from HP, but from around the web.) The answer is always, you should use the recommended pressure. :ermm:

Anyway if you all could hep it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! :nervous:
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Always use the pressure that's specified on the sticker on your driver's door jamb. Max pressure listed on the tire sidewall is just that... "max". Some people increase their tire pressure to get better fuel economy. However, this results in increased tire wear, so you really don't save any $$.
Don't air down to below 30psi on a radial street tire for "drag racing" either. They've track tested this and all you get is a contact patch next to each sidewall and no contact pressure in the center of the tire to speak of. Additionally it adds rolling resistance and vibrations at higher speeds.

This is not advice for drag slicks. They are constructed entirely differently.
Good info... But I thought the information inside the door was for stock tires (195/60-14)?

If you want to loosing up the back, let's say for AutoX, would you decrease presure in the rear?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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