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Couple of cars for sale

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94 Mazda MX-3, greeb, w/ probe gt v6 swap, turbo, lowered with intrax springs $2800

90 Honda Civic Hatch SI, black, w/ d16z6 swap i/h/e, lowered with JIC coilovers, mugen bodykit $2000

95 Toyota MR-2 turbo, red, greddy turbo, boost controller, and bov, complete cat-back, lowered, Tom's bodykit, not put on but throwing it in with car $ 5500

97 Honda Civic w/ LS-VTEC, white, fully rebuilt engine, AEM Cam gears, fuel rail, intake, headers, EVO style cat-back, showoff front bumper, wings west side and rear skirts, Redlines at 9600 rpms $ 7800 obo.
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how many miles on the mr2 and where is it located? i have a buddy local to me looking for one.
around 1500 miles on the motor it's been rebuilt on the body i think it's around or close to 100k. located in WI.
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