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Since i am a Home made turbo kind of guy i thought of inventing sumthing similar but i see it has already landed at our shores....
If you missed the article in SNS go check it . its basically like a Nos cooling system for your car. Cools your feul lines, top boost pipe and bottem boost pipe and your intercooler, Except its not Nos its icy Carbon Dioxide hence a Ship load cheaper..
The Summary of it all is a on a slight Modded scooby power went up buy 20kw and 60nm 1000RPM ealier with no addional Tuning! Thats Great for a Non -intrusive modification @ only $500 and bottle refills from $10.
I would like to know what all y'all think of the product & article?

At the Track will u be classed as Using NOS? etc tons of question, if you get to heavy with the Co2 can u freeze up your petrol? How did this Gizmo Effect the EGT? was the Scooby suffering over heating before hence seeked this.

this is how the system works....
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