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i have a custom built box for a 01 tiburon or any other tiburon with the same styled trunk.... i say this cause it was built with exact measurements to fit in the trunk... it fits 2 10" subs and has a AMP display case on the top of it with a fiberglass window looking into the AMP. the AMP is cooled by one fan blowing in and the other fan blowing out. it also has a channel for all the wiring to follow so all the wires are hidden. all the calculations were done right so the subs get the best punch with the amount of air space in the box. only defect with the box is u need to take the carpet off and recover it... which if u have buiilt a box before is no big deal. the only reason it needs new carpet is bc i do construction and i keep my tools in the trunk as well. so its got some saw dust on the carpeting. a good cleaning might keep u satisfied with the way it is now. the only thing u will have to modify in ur trunk is to cut the spare tire cover to the shape of the box so u can remove the piece in case u need to get your spare out. everything was thought about when this box was built. i love it i wouldnt even sell it if i wasnt getting rid of my tibby for a pickup (Work related =... ) im not selling the amp or subs with the box. the box also has 2 red neons, 1 inside the amp display and 1 under the amp display to shine on the subs.

i have a couple of pics... i dont have the time right now to upload them and set it all up on here but if u are interested u can email me at [email protected] and i will be glad to send u some pics and answer any questions u have.

Best offer takes it home.... bidding starting at $100
buyer pays for shipping and handling

remember your getting....
1) custom built box that fits 2 10" subs.
2) custom built amp display.
3)2 cooling fans
4)2 neons.

note.... AMP display only fits certain size amps so if ur interested ill give u the specs.
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