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custom CAI fell off!! ..and what trouble am i in?

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DAMNIT! i im soopissed off. I can't even believe it. I was goin thru town and my car was doing this **** where when i got up to around 40 it would act as if it wasn't getting gas anymore (or, maybe air...and it was air), even if i floored it. so then i get out of town and am on this road where the speed limit is 50 but everybody goes at least 55, and i get up to like 50, and the car just cuts the gas basically unitll i slow down to about 40. it keeps doing that... 50 brrrrmmmmm ..40 ...50 brrrmmmm 40. and ...god i should have just pulled over. But i had to get home to leave again... and then i was so pissed too. I hear this THUMP and im like ****.. and in the back of my head i said "there goes the intake" but yet i didn't think enough of it to stop....

sooo i get home, pop the hood, and AHHH! the intake is GONE. my stomach just hit my shoes. I have a custom cai that consists of a pvc bend after the stock rubber piece on the throttle body, then piece of strait pvc pipe that connects to a rubber conector, which goes to the MAF wihich then goes to a rubber connector and a tube for a civic intake that goes down to the ground. Well, the piece of pvc pipe stuck in the pvc elbow up at the throttle body must have come loose (it wasn't glued yet, damn me to hell..) anyway so i guess this piece came loose..and my engine started suckin in air from the engine bay almost right at the TB. then, cus the MAF wasn't gettin much of any airflow..or at least not the same as the car was really takin kept reducing my speed or the gas, or whtever keeping me under 40 mph.

...i put the stock stuff all back on and went for a quick test drive..and everything seems ok now...i drove back to where the intake fell off, and sure enough there is was, layin in the road, crushed and demolished. =( $80 bucks down the drain, needless to say i was suckin unflitered air into my car for at leat 5 miles.

...i don't think my engine would really have sucked in that much dirt or any bugs for that was sucking stuff in practailly right at the TB. ...But what should i do do maybe fix any damage i might have done? STP cleaner or anything? and do u think this will really hurt my car?

thanks...ugh...sometimes everything just sucks. (no pun intended!)

Accent GSi (98, black)
Naxos muffler
Clear side markers
Custom front grills

Custom CAI soon...
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That sucks man, don't know exactly what to tell you about damage, should be okay as far as I know, but hopefully someone will have something better to say. Next time buy a metal clamp, they stay on tight and don't need to do any gluing if that is what you did. (You can get that at any Home Depot or Lowes)

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