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To help you out. I got a 2 1/4 press bent exhaust and saw no loss of bhp or torque anywhere. ( i saw the dyno graphs ). Otherwise my motor is a stock 2ltr 5 speed Lantra (apart from minor tuning and intake mods).
The only reason i didn't go to a 2 1/2 is the possible noise factor.
On my 2 1/4 i got the most free flowing straight thru mufflers i could buy.
** A Genie Tornado & a Genie Resonator - see the link for the tests **
My car is definitley louder than stock, but not too loud and has a deep tone.
Million dollar question:-If i went back in time would i choose the 2 1/4 again?
If i wanted every tiny bit of power with no consideration for noise, then i would go for the 2 1/2 exhaust.

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