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custom supercharger kit CHEAP!!

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I just finished making me second supercharger kit and I am ready to sell it. I really enjoy working with metal and well the supercharger is a challange for me so I made it. This is my second kit. It comes iwth the superchager, adapeter plate, pipping, and mounting plate plus couplers, vacume lines, and vacume t's. I am looking for 800 plus s/h. This units is for the LC 1.6L. The s/c is an eaton M45. Also comes with a bov, I ecept paypal!
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if this is a full kit and your going to be making more, youll have a customer in a couple months. Do you have to remove your power steering for this kit? BTW how many pounds lbs of boost does this kit give and if u have pics whgile the kits installed and not installed that would be great.
I am kind of looking to get ride of the kit now, Future buyers are far and few and well it never turns out. It give about five lbs of boost, I will have pics up tommorrow. Unless you give me a down payment the s/c will be gone by then.
how much do u need for a down payment
can u answer my previous question of the power steering? and what times r u running with this kit if any
no times, hundred dollar down payment, yes p/s is removed.
if you can get me a 0-60 time that would be great
o and will i need an intercooler sorry for all the questions but im really serious about this kit if u can make another one or hold onto this one thanx
have you installed your kit before... because if you remember the CAPA ones tuning was a bitch. will the kit need stand-alone fuel management of some sort or will it work on stock computer?
i can get the down payment ill prolly give you like 130 but i still need u to answer a few more questions
is the s/c new or used if used how many miles are on it
what else do i need in order to run this kit safely such as an intercooler,injectors etc...
As of right now, the kit is on my car, with stock fuel system and computer. I highley reccamend a piggy back system such as an safcII. I had that on my first kit. The s/c has roughly 20k miles on it. Its still in great condidition. I dont have any times though. I am not intercooling this system just because of its a lot easier not too. Also I can send you an ic that would fit where the battery normally sits.
well i was thinkin a front mount that i could buy later off of ebay is there any way to make this work with your piping. or could i do a liquid intercooler which i know nothing about but ive heard good things, any suggestions because i really dont wanna relocate my battery, plus a front mount looks bad ass.
My first kit had a fmic, It did look bad ass, you should be able to find pics on this site. I could send you enough pipping to do a fmic but thats on you.

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if it will be at the same price than that would be great because im not planning on throwing this on right away because i dont think my auto tranny will be able to take 5 more hp let alone a supercharger.
o and i also noticed that ur spark plug wires appear to be stock with more air going to the engine dont u need more spark and fuel in order to run this safely?
r the pipes gonna be painted and the silicone couplers matching colors?
Originally posted by accentedeclipse
o and i also noticed that ur spark plug wires appear to be stock with more air going to the engine dont u need more spark and fuel in order to run this safely?
Changing out wires will not increase spark, just lessen spark resistance. The stock units are usually fine for most applications.
but if it lessons the resistance wouldnt that allow for more spark to get to the plugs
I have a different pipe I am working on right now, It will have all sylicone couplers if you want though, I just have to buy them. Let me know whats going on, if you want to make the down payment or what.
so new couplers, all the clamps, bov supercharger, piping for the intercooler, adapter plate, mounting plate for 800 am i missing anything
and if u can try and get blue couplers
ill be able to give you 130 on friday
sound good?
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