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D.O.T. Approved Tires

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What are the specific dimensions of a stock 2004 Hyundai Accent wheel... the steel ones. i know they are 14's but how do i figure out the width and all of the other measurments? I need to put on some new Mickey Thompson Special I tires and i need all the dimensions. I just think a 1/4 mile time of 15.322 @ 89mph is good enough. If i can find the perfect tire to set on the steelys i have now, i can deffinitly bring my track time down to high to mid 14 seconds. Thanks
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wel if it is a 14" rim it is 5" wide.
if you're running the Steelies (w/hubcaps) they're 13" rims. If you've got the 6 spoke alloys then they're 14" rims. The Factory tire size on the 14" alloys is 185/60/14. I don't know about the 13's though. Not sure if this hepls, but good lunk finding what does.
Alright thanks anyways. I still need the measurments for the 13'' wheel but it's good, i'll go to CJ tires and ask them to fit a set of D.O.T. approved slicks on
The stock 13" steelies are 175/70/13's.
Im using 13x6 for my 185/60/13 Z211s and 13x6.5 for my RA1s 215/60/13
Boh R comps
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