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Dash Light Fuses, where or what?

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Hello all, my first post on this Forum :)

My GirlFriend Accent 2000 light in the Dash when off.
Everyone of them exept the little Light to warn like; Overdrive, heat problem...
So don't see nothing at night. I could be doing 90km/h in a zone of 30 and not knowing it. (Joking, I see the difference)

So im looking for the Damn Fuses who control it to see if it's burn. But where is it? There's two places to look; under the hood and under the steering wheel. But I can't see the good one. How is it called? Of is it there?

I went on Google, but can't find it. Help ;):
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You need to replace one or both of the diode's in the main engine fuse box. they are the little black fuse like things with arrows on them. The origionals coulsn't hold enough current or something and melt but the new ones have an incresed capacity. Unfortunately I think they are kind of pricey.
I did not looked at them thaugh. did not knew what it was.
Thanks, will post back soon.
Humm, can I use my Ford Diode in her car?
Just as a try, or it's a big Kaboom! and xxx xxx$ of repair?
dash light

I had the same problem and one of the diode was dammaged.

price: 18.95 canadien!!!!!!! for a 10cents diode!!!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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