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Screw it, I'm trashing the tach. Delete this.

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Dibs on the tach for TheGrim.
Sure thing. Send me an email to evilwezilboy at yahoo dot com. I prefer paypal. :smoking:
I might be interested in the short throw shifter. Does it fit an 02 accent? Is that a $100 with shipping?:)

[Edited by ozone on May 15, 2006 7:06 PM]
Ozone, the short shifter will definitely fit an 02 accent. The shifter is for all LC accents which are from 2000-2002. I guess I should have put that up in the first place. :nervous:

And yes, it is $100 with shipping. All of my items are shipped free. :D

If you would like this you can go ahead and email me with your address, and send payment to my paypal at the same email address.

Let me know! :)
Short shifter is sold!
Okay, no more dibs on anything. First one to get me the money, gets the item.
yea, i do need that tach, just no right at this moment. i'll talk to ya in a few weeks.
Bump. :bandit:
Oh yes, I forgot. I'm also willing to take trades as well. The trades can't be vehicle specific though, as I no longer have the accent. I'm pretty open to trades, but I would like some autometer lunar guages if you've got any. Please no narrowband air/fuel guages. I'm looking more for oil pressure/temp. and also exhaust temp. If you've got a trade that you think I might like, go ahead and tell me. I'm pretty open! You can see the list of mods in my sig, so if you think I'm missing anything, and you want to make a trade, hit me up!
Umm, yeah.
Okay, I no longer need an oil pressure guage, but I could still use an EGT guage. I'll also give everything I have left for an AEM UEGO wideband.
Any takers?
Get it while it's hot!
Page 2 bump.
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