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detonation or else?

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Have a big question? lately, i cant pass 5 psi when the car seems to have no fuel, like detonation... but everything seems fine to me... i am running 310ccs with an SAFC, but know what is the problem... Is it the BOV that let off to soon? Is it a bad piston? Is the spark plugs blowing the spark away? Please help i have a headache trying to figure it out for days....:(
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I am running a set of platinum spark plugs, set at 34...
I found out what was the problems!!!

1. I replaced the plugs for the Scoupe turbo plugs and set them at 28...
2. It was the SAFC settings, now i got it set with no problem... i can go to 10psi w/o a problem...

here is the settings, this might help some of you guys (at users consent):

Low Setting:
1K +-2 2K -4 3K -6 4K -10 5K -10 5.5K -10 6K -10 7K -10

High Setting:
1K -21 2K -23 3K -24 4K -23 5K -22 5.5K -22 6K -21 7K -18

Lo 30% Hi 80%
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