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My i30 just stalled at a red light. It did restart, but was idling extremely weakly and poorly. The gas pedal did not effect the idle at all. I stopped the engine and restarted it this way a few times, only to have the same very weak idle. At this point the car will no longer catch at all.

I figure that the problem is either the spark or the fuel delivery, given that the starter cranks without a problem. Here are some related facts that may be of note:
  • I changed the spark plugs only last year
  • I changed the camshaft position sensor a little over a year ago (after not starting at times, and engine code)
  • The car has been taking one or two more cranks to start lately, but it does feel out of the blue
  • no code has been tripped
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! The car is currently parked on the side of the road.

I don't know if it is worth mentioning that my fuel was low, but above 0 when the car stalled (I've had it much lower). I have added fuel, though, with no effect.
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