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difference in S-coupe and 98 vs. 00+ accent thermostat housing plugs?!?!

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so I've run into an issue where on my '98 accent, the electrical plugs that go on the thermostat housing are 2 plugs, one has 2 prongs, the other has 1(and in the housing itself, there are 2 um...."probes") but on the scoupe thermostat housing I'm using for my turbo setup, it has one plug, with one probe on the inside, and it's got 3 prongs! Can I just clip the plug from a scoupe or 01 1.5 accent(which I've been told has the same 3 prong plug) and match the wires on my car???

someone else must have run into this!?!
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my advice would be to just figure out what each of those three wires correspond to and match em up. my guess is that two of those are pos and neg and the other is a ground of some sort. you may have to customize to some extent but id just run a ground to the frame or something once you find it. Or you could always not hook it up and just install a mechanical gauge in place of it. Thats what id do.
if I had seen this post I could have explained it to you when I sent you the pictures this morning

I take what your explaining to me as the coolant temp sensor/ coolant gauge sender

on my 2k I just have the 3 wire coolant temp sensor and sender in the tstat housing

I take from your description you have a 2 wire sensor and a one wire that is your sender that works the gauge in the cluster.

an easy fix for the sender is to use a seperate sender in your upper rad hose with an adapter with an autometer or equivalent gauge, not sure if you will be able to use the 3 pin plug to work the gauge(more difficult than it has to be)

the ect sensor (your 2 wire plug) might be harder to work with, I know on just about all 0bd2 ecus they use the ect sensor for intial readings and if it isn't working properly you will have hard starting issues, because the ecu won't be seeing any initial readings.

What you might be able to do is use the newer (or scoupe) ect sensor in the older tstat housing with a new pigtail connecter only using 2 wires(which wires do what I don't know) or vise versa use your accent sensor so it plugs into the 2 pin plug and just use my recommendation from above for a seperate gauge. Your 2 pin plug only controls the ect sensor, the other is your sender, on the newer 1.5 the 3 pin plug controls the sender signal and ect signal.

i'm not going to be entirely sure of anything unless I was able to try it myself. Using what i've told you as speculation, you might be able to figure something out.
just don't expect the car to run properly without that sensor working.

good luck
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well - I found a solution! :)

I took the fitting for the water line off the scoupe thermostat housing and took my accent t-stat housing up to the machine shop.

Guess what? Anyone here ever heard of John Buffum? He used to rally the tiburons back in the day. Well...this machine shop is the same one that did work on his cars! :D so needless to say, they're familiar with Hyundais.

They took my accent housing and tapped it with the fitting from the scoupe. Done and done!

I pick up the part tomorrow - I'll be sure and post pics! :)
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