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disadvantages of a lightened flywheel

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Could anybody tell me what the disadvantages are of a lightened flywheel?

I do mostly city driving (65%to 75%) with the airconditioner on.;):
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it takes a little getting used to to take off in 1st gear. but you'll get used to it after a day or 2
what takes getting use to in first gear???
its a little bit harder to get the car moving from a dead stop but you get used to it in a day or 2
Flywheel = energy storage device and helps dampen some vibration

With a less massive disc your engine has to work harder to overcome static friction. When you have your stock flywheel the energy in that heavy basturd spinning around gets the car moving.

As far as the vibration its a short crank and not uber powerful. Also its got decent balance to begin with, gotta love straight motors. I wouldn't worry to much about that.
don't you lose some Torque also since the heavy iron flywheels act's as a weight shift unit.
you will not lose anything or gain anything from a lightend flywheel, what happens when you install a lighter flywheel, is the same as a lighter crank pully. the motorwill not make more power but it will free up power. the moter can lose up to 40 hp to turn the flywheel. your moter allready make that 40 hp you just wont see it on the dyno.
the thing you need to think about bfore you get a lighter flywheel is how you drive, if you race it on the weekends, how do you shift gears when racing? a 7.5lb flywheel will acel beter then a 12lb one but it will also heart you if you take your foot off the gas when you shift gears, it gains reves but it also loses the rev quicker then a stock flywheel. lets say you take your foot off the gas when you shift gears your rpms can drop below what they used to with the stock flywheel on the car. maybe some one that has one has noticed this. when i get on i am going with the 7.5 because i dont wont to lose rpms when i shift. if i have confussed sombody tell me and i will try to exsplain a little beter
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i had my flywheel massively lightened and the only thing is when im goin clutch up speed it kind of bucks but not to bad. but then again i have a 2.4 so its got tons of torque. the throttle response is a big improvement
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