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I think I have the answer to alot of X3/RD owners prayers. I am only a few days from testing a cost effective home built big brake kit that you would be able to put on your X3/RD that gives you the following:

No more Captive Rotors
10.8" Rotors off the shelf (any auto parts store will be able to get these easy if not in stock)
Dual Piston off the shelf brake calipers (any auto parts store will be able to get these easy if not in stock)
Easy access to high performance brake pads such as KVR, EBC, Hawk, Axxis

With this kit you will be able to put these on in your drive way in a couple hours and use all over the counter parts no fancy brackets nothing crazy. The assembly process will be well documented using very well proven parts.

Best of all I'm not selling the Kit! I'll post a link to a PDF that gives you your shopping list and what parts your going to need.

I know your eager but I have to verify this is going to perform as well as I think its going to.

I'll let everone know as soon as my test is successful

Stay tuned
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Will it work for Accents?
It would work on X3 accent no problems however. LC accents you would need to get the rotors machined at a machine shop and redrilled for 4x100 or swap your bolt pattern to 4x114.3.

I'll let everyone know later this week or early next week at the latest I leave for Mosport Thurday to watch Audi spank the competition.
Will the stock X3 13" steelies fit over these??
Doubtful. Most BBK require a rim diameter 2X larger than original.

EDIT: Oops!....I meant +2".

[Edited by Hyundai92Excel on Aug 27, 2006 7:39 PM]
Some 15" rims work if you want to be sure then use 16" rims

I'm still not done the test. I have all the parts sourced except for a couple. I should have something shortly.

Again I'll keep everyone updated.
Parts sourced. Hope to assemble everything this week. ;) mmm BBK
going to Sticky this. =)
Ok looks like I will have time to assemble the final product tomorrow night. I won't be able to install it until this weekend because the rotors I'm testing with are scrap.

Pics to follow...

oh boy oh boy oh boy! :)
Ok everything looks great. I want to have a set of brand new rotors and pad installed just to verify that the spacing is all correct. I would snap pics but my camera is dead I'll try and get some pics tomorrow but it looks like we have a good sollution.
Ok Everything has arrived and its been assembled averything looks FANTASTIC! I still can't find my digital camera for pics. But I'm confidant enough to release the shopping list. Please note that has NOT been tested on a car yet it a bolted together on my floor in my garage. I might get to bolting it on this weekend I might not. But it all bots together and no rubbing at all. There should be no reason this doesn't work but as always I'm not responsible I'm just presenting an idea. I used all brand new parts you could get wrecker parts but used brake parts are like used condoms they could be used but they don't offer any protection.

The shopping list is as follows:

Upgrading your X3 Accent / RD Tiburon using off the shelf parts

For this upgrade you will need the following:

99-01 Hyundai Elantra or 00-01 Hyundai Tiburon Front Spindles

01-03 Hyundai XG350 Calipers/Brackets

91-92 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Front Discs
KVR Performance P/N MI327
Euro Rotor P/N MI-327

01-03 Hyundai XG350 Front Brake Pads
KVR Performance P/N M7739

Have Fun!
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ok and whats the point of that? I mean how much power does that little car have? I dont want to put you down man but it sounds like a lot of trouble to go through just to stop quicker.
Well the factory brakes on the accent suck so bad (god damn fading bastards) I figure if I'm going to all the work of upgrading might as well make it worth my while.

But if you know anything about me most of my cars have been the same way suspension and brakes done to the max and mild engine mods. I want to be sure my brakes are there when I go to use them these are definetly overkill but at least I know if I'm fading these then I definetly have problems.

My issue has always been the Accent could have been a fun car from the factory its just too bad Hyundai designed it to suck so bad. Springs too soft too small sway bars too much body roll not enough brakes more power would be nice like I said the brakes are a peice of the fun to drive factor.

I also said this is an upgrade for RD tibbys as well.

And the last thing its I have my 4x114.3 rims I wanted to install and this switches my bolt pattern its just a fringe benefit of the better braking.

You just do what you want and I'll do what I want to m 'kay
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alright... yeah those brakes do kinda suck I have to say. I find it interesting that while everybody else puts ABS on their cars hyundai dosen't do it to like 02 or 03. That makes a difference for sure. Their really easy to lock up... kind of a pain.
enthusia25 said:
does this work on lc2 04 accent?-
Yes, but as stated before, the bolt pattern will change from 4-100 to 4-114.3.
now what if someone wanted a more practical bolt pattern like the 4-100
While we are on the subject of poor brake performance, the right front of my 99 Accent locks up before the left ( no passenger aboard ). Is this a common fault or should I try replacing the calipers? Also, the rears lock way too late, has anyone tried to play with the brake balance?
I'm going to bbk my LC with brembo evo 8 rotors and calipers (4 piston) with custom adapters and custom rotor centers all aluminum. Total cost $1000 bucks
320x32mm ;)
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