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DIY wondow tinting.

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Well i was firstly wondering wat the darkest legal tint was? I thought it was 5% but this ebay thing says its 35% which is correct?... Also, are you allowed to tint your front window? or just the doors, rear quarters and the back? Laslty, for those of you who have the darkest legal tint, how is visibility at night? Especially when its raining heaps hard? And lastly, for an X3 how much of this stuff would be needed? Thanks heaps guys.

Cheers, Anand.

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Don't do a DIY tint. Unless you have done it before & are absolutely sure you can do it perfectly, it'll most likely end up looking like crap.

You can't tint your windscreen at all.

You can do up to 35% on the front windows & darker than you could ever want on the rear windows & rear glass.

A friend of mine had limo (5%) tint all-around on her SS & when I drove it at night one time I couldn't see **** out the rear-view mirror or windows. I just about had to wind the windows down before changing lanes. Even other cars' headlights were hard to see & looked really dim. I wouldn't recommend going that dark on a daily driven car. It'll be more of a pain than anything.

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yea ok, i was just gonna test it out on a rear window or something... i thought it would be easy to get off, but i guess that would be kinda pointless then... cheers.
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