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I think I posted this list on fxtreme, but here is a more definative list. I will give numbers in WHEEL hp. Bolt on means... no piston swaps.

Engine... stock block
Crank... stock crank
Rods... Crower for above 300 whp. Otherwise stock. Shot peening stock rods is an option for upto around 400 whp.
Pistons... Stock or cast upgrade for 200 whp (bolt on). Arias, HKS... etc for above 200 whp
Cams... Stock for upto 300 whp... big boys use turbo high lift and slightly longer duration cams.
Intake... Stock or high flow intake manifold and runners.
Piping... 55mm or 60mm for lower power, 80mm big boys.
Intercooler... Front mount HKS or APEXi.
Exhaust Manifold... Cast...4-1.. by Champion or HKS or hand bend for monster turbos.
Turbocharger... T025, T028, T3 or equivalents for street cars upto 300-350 whp. Monster turbos APEXi RX6, T66...etc
Wastegate... Internal T025, T028, T3's. External (Tial, HKS, Apexi) for larger turbos.. boost creep above 1 -1.5 bar
Injectors... Usually RC 450cc, 550cc and for the big boys 1000cc x 4
Fuel Pump... In line Bosch (911Turbo) or intank Skyline or RX7.
Air Filter... K+N, Korean brand and for the track stars.. NONE
Exhaust... Usually 2.5" -3.0" for the street. + or - cat. Open exhaust for the track.
ECU... Less than 200 whp uses reprogrammed stock ECU, S-AFC, RRFPR combinations. More than 200 whp... stand alone with seperate wiring looms and sometimes an aftermarket crank pulley and sensor... Haltech, Motec, SDS.
Ignitors... Above 200 whp aftermarket performance units... all different types.
Clutches... Upto 200 whp... single plate upgrades. Above 200 whp twin plate HKS, OS Geiken... there maybe some other Japanese brands by now.
Headporting is done by nearly everyone, including the low power boys.

Tuning, everyone tunes these cars with a wide band O2 sensor on the road and then on either a Bosch or Dynojet dyno.

I know I must have forgotten something but I'll add later. This is what the turbo cars in Korea run. There are many approaches and many of these build ups were developed in conjunction with DIRECT factory support from many of the big names. APEXI, HKS, Greddy, Haltech, SDS and Hyundai. Some of the early cars were even built in Japan.


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