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I pull up to a light tonight, right? an all out riced up car, with three guys in it, he starts nodding his head, pointing like he wants to race, he wouldn't roll down his window, so i nodded and revved... he did too

ouch, i don't think i have lost as bad since i tried racing an older vette hehe

i told him to follow me

he is a hybrid engine, a vtech (did i already say he was a civic little hatchback or not hehe, well that's what i raced) but engine swap, 7500 redline 170 hp

hmm he definetely beat me, only raced to about 60 mph though... nice little short race and he pulled ahead of me not quite a car length

oh well, i ahven't raced FOREVER and i lose twice in a row, to to the new 2003 tib, i will post that up in a second

<hr noshade width=60% size=1 align=left>2001 Targa Top Tiburon w/Full Roll Cage
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