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I have never driven a DOHC 1.6, and was curious if it made a big differance in the lower or higher RPM ranges, or both. I have seen that the specs arn't that different between the 1.5 and the 1.6. Does the DOHC have a big or any improvment over the SOHC?

Has anyone driven one and the other?

I'm pretty sure the LC2 has a ratio to make it a little quicker, but i'm just curious about the engines

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I have the 1.6 DOHC- but ive never driven the just thought i'd let you know i read the post @ least.
Well thanks for the reply, I'm just really curious why Hyundai changed the engine do accomodate another cam and add .1 in displacement, for what looks to me not much in gains, but I thought maybe there was something I didn't see or notice, like perhaps they take better to mods then the 1.5 does.
There are a few benifits from SOHC to DOHC. One, you can adjust the timming better, and two, there is more HP loss from the engine turing the single cam then the dual cam. I used to drive a Suzuki Swift 1.6 SOHC, and there is a big power difference between the 1.6 DOHC in the Accent.

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It also allows for better fuel economy. I've driven a 1.5l SOHC Accent, and own a 1.6l DOHC Accent, but I didn't flog the 1.5l I drove very much. Felt slower even the little I drove it though.
The 1.5 was based off the mitz 4G15 design structure from what I know about it. The 1.6 alpha looks like a mini-beta in most of its design. That and it has an extra valve so that = better breathing at higher RPM. The real performance increase really comes from the diffrent final gear ratios in the 5spds. 1.5=3.65 and the 1.6=3.8something, that and of course the extra few horsepower.
i used to work at a hyundai dealership. and i've driven accents of all different configurations. there is a noticible difference with the dohc.
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