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last night my my buddy's wanted to race so we went out. i raced my buddy's 98 civic hatch with i/h/e, 92 240sx with i/e, and a 05 Ion with intake.
i raced each car 2-3 times. against the civic and 240 with two different drivers and still smoked all the cars. they all lost by 1-3 car lengths. the sad part about it was i wasnt' even in my tib. i was in my dad's 95 Mirage 1.8 SOHC 5 speed, STOCK!
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should've Brought out your RD
my altenator bracket was broken that's why i was in my dad's mirage.

what's even dumber was they all got made cause i didn't lose so they kept sh1t talking to me to run my buddy's tsi w/ a big 16g. i told them i'd lose even if he gives me a head start. all they could do was keep **** talking so i just raced him and lost to make all those sore losers happy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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