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Door Trims

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Hi all.

has anyone got any cool ideas of what to do to 98 accent doors to make them more attractive.. ive got pods for speakers made up, but im just thinking about what else can be done, anyone had their trims recovered etc, got any pics???

Beau Alderson - The Hyundai Performance Car Club

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Good Question, I can relate to your question entirely, because I'm looking to do something similar.

The best thing to do is to look at show pics etc, to get some ideas.

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i did trims on my doors and other things in the interior, your money older by the shifter can be taken out and painted, the cig ash tray handle front part, ur door handle not the handle itself but the surrounding part, your arm rest on the doors, i did those not to long ago and i only painted the lower half of the arm rest , cause thier is like a fold or somethin that is a straight line across the lower half, just use tape to outline things,so i case my arm would get paint on it, oh my car is white so i spray painted lil peices in my car white, oh your lil fents that shoot heat to your side windows and your lil gauge pod, the one with the rear window defroster button. thats wut ive done so far.

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Do you have any pics?
How did you remove the vents that faced the side windows ( the fixed ones )

Cheers AD

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