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Boys, car was running great for me today on the highway and all the way to work. I pull into work and First gear is making this cluncking sound. so I stop the car and think drive shaft but nothing is hanging down at all and nothing is lose. So I roll the windows down and drive the car in first gear, get about 100 feet and then the car just STOPS! like a jarring stop like I hit a curb or something. Now when I tried to move the car, even putting in neutral and rolling the car it wont go anywhere, hits a certain point about almost 1 full rotation of the tire and stops? WTF? I can still start the car and with my foot on the clutch move it in and out of all 5 gears...Shift fork? Bearings? Anyone that can respond ASAP would be really appriciated.
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One thinks your tranny just fvcked itself.

Sounds EXACTLY like what happened to mine. Cept i lost first gear first, and then 5th, and it exploded when doing revese donuts.... :paranoid:

But if you cant roll it, something has jammed in your dif or something, and your toast. My car jammed, and then un jammed when i towed it. Good luck.
the odd thing is I Can put it in all the gears with relative ease, seems like something came lose or even the clutch is fuxed...Or where the driveshaft meets the tranny...IT is at the tranny specialists now, might be buying a new car tonight if it is the tranny! 230K on it, I cant really complain being that it is a stock Tranny and Clutch...All gears have been working just fine, you put it in gear now and try to drive just seems like something is jamming the gears from spinning.
Might be in your dif. However when my tranny finally went, i could get all the gears too. :puzzled:
Yah, I Am expecting the worst...what did you pay, or did you pay?
Eh, $550 or something from CB.
turns out they want 300 just to remove the tranny and open it up THEN they will tell me whats wrong and take up to a week to fix it!

F THAT! Looking into used 2001's tonight and tomorrow, hopefully have a new car by end of business tomorrow!
Well see, I got a tranny, and put it in myself. :D But you know.. budding mechanic here.. so yeah..

trannies = $$$$$$$$$$$


Good luck.
Just have them replace the tranny. Probably cheaper than fixing.
not worth it, this is the first of many things to start dying on the car. gonna pitch it! Thanks for the responses boys.
My 2002 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 is hard to start and when it does you have to put your hand on the air intake for it to start and you cant give it gas if you do it wants to die.I already put a new fuel pump and a new fuel filter.Please help me?
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