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Dual TB

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Maybe I am crazy, but hear is what I am thinking.

I have -17psi in my intake at WOT, so in order to creat more hp, I will need to lower that number. Right?

Well, I once saw a project, in which a guy mounted a second TB on his car, that opened at WOT. (wasn't that here?)

It seems to me that that would fix my problem. Was that guy crazy, I'm I, or bot of us?
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Are you reading this from a vaccuum gauge?

You should have near 0 vaccuum at WOT. If you have vacuum at WOT, something isn't right, and adding a 2nd TB will not help. Is your linkage binding before WOT?
Hmmm. I am not sure how to answere that.

I have a boost gauge that I hook up. Engine off=0psi, idle=-5psi, WOT=-17psi.

I hooked it up in different places after the TB on the tank thingy(plummen I think it is called).

So, you think it should read 0 psi running?
Anyone else have any opinions on this?

I tried researching this on the internet, but I couldn't find anything.
twin TB sounds good, good luck if you can engineer it.
I have twin TB's on my N/A X3. Not sure it will solve prob though.
Cool. So it has been done before. Got any pics? How did you do it? What were the results?
I imagine that a dual throttle body would be a little overshot for the'd have to modify the Intake Manifold to be able to take in that hugely increased volume of air.w
I forget who, but someone used to make twin TB intake manifolds for Hyundais. Seems like it was either RPW or PSC. It had a second stock TB flange welded onto the opposite side of the intake manifold.
at WOT mine reads 0psi

for twin throttle body systems

IMO only good if you have ported and flowed the head and have changed to a higher lift cam
Thanks guys.

I didn't realize that my car should be at 0psi at WOT. I must have a bad boost gage or somthing. In any case, I see no reason for a Dual TB if I have 0 psi at WOT.

I will re test after all of my upgrades are complete, and take it from their.

Just so you know: I just had an egine rebuild to includ turbo pistons from Scoupe, ported head, and a couple of other upgrades. Also, Auto to Maual swap in progress. I plan on going turbo later with a t25 that I rebuilt a year ago. lol. I have all the parts, and tools, just need to find the time.
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