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Eastern PA MEET?

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Hey guys, IM Nate from the Allentown Area of PA...jst wonderin if n e one wants to get together this summer and have an Accent/Hyundai Meet somewhere in eastern PA. If n e one has any comments ideas. throw them out and maybe we can all put somethings together!

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if this deff goes down u can deff expect me in scranton, allentown isnt too far....keep me posted
yea man we jst gotta get so more people interested! if n e one is up for a here and let everyone kno your in. If we get enough people we can all meet up!
Hey, I'm definitely in, I live out in Topton but work in Allentown. I'll be back in June, so if you want to meet up than, I'm definitely up for that.
If anyone likes Harbor Freight tools, I can get 20% off anything in store.
you guys have a location in mind yet? if it's not incredibly far i'll be out
im in if its semi close to philly gas prices are killin me, even if i dont have much done to my car id like to see what other people are doing to thier hyundais:D
late june very early july would be good for me will be in route to new base but will really need to know far ahead of time to drive there and make time for it ( i live in punxsutawney)
I'm down for a PA meet - I went to Philly for a meet before. I know Liz(tibbychick) would totally be down for it too. :)

Where is allentown in relation to Philly?
I'm new around here, from NY but I'd be in for a meet
Allentown is just north of philadelphia, about an hour or so on the turnpike.

As for a location, the parking lot of the tool store I work in could work, since it is central to several major arteries

(the PA turnpike, pa route 22 and I-78 all pass within one mile of the place)
i would be in! i am from the reading area
Okay, here are my thoughts...

Look up retail stores, than Allentown. That'd be the location. Theres a restaurant called "Red Robin" in the strip mall that harbor freight is in. They serve brgers and other stuff in a sit down atmosphere, somewhat like Ruby Tuesdays/Fridays, etc. I could give the place a call and talk to the manager and see if they would let us take over their parking lot (or at least a section of it) for a morning/afternoon and have a meet/mini show, complete with food service right to us at our cars (Servers coming out to us, etc). If this is too ambitious, let me know, I'm just considering options right now, But an Eastern PA meet would be sweeet!

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I used to go to Allentown all the time to go to the flea market there. Theres an Arby's near a small airport and some car dealerships, I know that area a little bit. Its an easy town to get to, right off I 78 (or was it I 278?) Theres lots of rice to make fun of too :lol:

Depending on when it is I may go.
I tried starting an inter-Hyundai forum one for May 20th, but had about 3 people interested. Good luck getting anyone to go.......
i'd be down for that, and i might be able to get a few accent owners to come wiht
WOW! i didnt expect this many people to be down for a meet. Im def. confident that we can make this a decent meet now. I'm like 10-20min. north of the harbor frieght you are talkin and my friends go their often. haha. my car club is have a show at Lincoln Tech. right down the street on july 12th. But we should def. get a meet going in july/august or something. I like the red robin idea, if that doesnt work, maybe we can find a park to cookout and junk.
haha TibbyChick your right about the rice...HAHAHA im glad someone else see it HAHA its to easy to spot it in A-town area!
is this meet still gonna happen?
if so, when? my summer schedule is nearly booked! i need a def. date at this point :(
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