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Ecu Location?

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Hi guys,

Q. Does anyone know where is ECU ( Engine control unit ) for 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3L V6 ? , also i need know make and model ( Siemens/Bosch/Motorola )

Please put point on this photo :

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The ecu is most likely in the cab under the dash and there should be a sticker on the ecu telling you who made it.
Many cars, notably my '01 Santa Fe and my previously owned, gone and unlamented '96 Kia Sportage had the ECU under the carpet on the passenger's floor. If you pulled the carpet up under the dashboard, you could see it.
hello guys
does anyone know where is location SCR (selective catalytic reduction) in Hyundai santafe tm 2022
vin number :KMHS281HGMU416185
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