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EGT question

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I'm finishing installing the turbo setup from the s-coupe in my accent, but I think the pyrometer went bad. The thing reaches 800 degrees at idle!!! is that normal? i thought it was going to be a t 300-500 degrees, please tell me your EGT at idle so I can compare and realize if the gauge is crazy as hell or is it a normal thing...Thanks in advance8D
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No one has an EGT gauge?:O
800-900 egts at idle is fine
1200 when crusing
1650 MAX when WOT
is it safe to get up there?
thanks for your response

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depends on the motor. yes 800 degrees is normal. it is relational to air fuel ratio i believe. i've read elsewhere that 1300 is max. depends what your motor can handle. DSMer (mistu eclipse, eagle talon, etc) FAQs may help provide more info as well.
Here you guys go :
An oil-cooler is going to be a MUST!.

The stock S-Coupe Turbo (with the 7.5:1 low-compression standard pistons) runs very hot indeed........(& I guess your compression may be higher than this)!.
The temperature of oil in the oil-pan often reaches 125C in ordinary running.......oil can start to break down @ 140C.

An oil-cooler will cut this back to 85/90C.......much safer!.

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