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Elantra Vs. Beta Accent

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2003 Hyundai Elantra
5spd (3.65 final)
3inch CAI
2 1/4 inch Catback Exhaust
Short Throw
ACT Clutch
3m Filled mounts
Suspension mods
215/40R17 Cooper Zeon ZPT Tires
Full Interior +some extra crap

2003 Accent
2.0 BetaII
5spd (3.8something final)
Filled motor mounts
Stripped interior (prolly saved the diff in the 1.6 and 2.0s weight, not much)
205/45R16 Cooper Zeon ZPT Tires
(I think thats it)

20-70ish: Accent Won by 1 and a lil more accent length
40-70ish: Accent won with my front bumper right behind his rear
Race coming from a double turn lane: Elantra, haha.. I took off "a little" before he did
Various other rolling races.. he keep pulling when he was in the upper rev range. If he fell below 5k and I was over (thanks to gearing) Id either stay with him or pull back a little distance I had lost. Can't wait to see what that thing can do with 2.0 injectors and a bigger exhaust system.

I am sure ryan will be here to give his side. BTW he can drive. His accent went toe to toe with mine everytime we raced. I think I got him bad once because he went into second at waayyy to high a speed and I went to third. That lost time for the shift got him. Mad props for making it faster.. a little more work and itll be a monster.
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Nice, nice. What does your Elantra run?
Yea the accent should get you every time just do to the fact that it's lighter with the same motor.
I hope your long gears tear him up. i hate the accent tranny.
Its always fun running other modified hyundais! Good run!
Not 100% sure on that. When I get the time and money I will be heading back out to houston. To bad I missed the cooler weather. The only time out 2 years ago on shitty tires (they where great street tires but greasy on the track, yoko avid touring), a bunch of mods ago, and not knowing about the elantra learning curve issue it ran 16.5. It wasn't a great day for racing because I ran ryanolsons car and at best I got 17.2 and it was just as fast as my accent, 17.2 was a bad day for my accent. I dont remeber the conditions I just know it wasn't a good day for 4cyl racing. With the new work done to it atleast 15.8-16.0 range depending on how those Coopers hookup. If thats the case Id say ryan right now is running anywhere from 15.5 to 15.7 if he can find traction. Thats with stock exhaust.. I want an accent now ;): Thinking about an X3 with a beta1.
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yes. that was fun. and i don't have any other side. you said it like it was mang. all this is with my stock Accent exhaust. it really feels kinda underpowered below 3k or 4k rpms.
what difference will 2.0 injector's give on a beta?
i didn't really notice any difference
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