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heres exactly what was sent to me. ive seen similar stuff from other s up with it? go to the first site they say to check (the english specified one) and....all it is is merely some statistics on how domestic car companies (in korea) have more recalls yearly than import (us/japan) cars. what? joint lawsuit...? i thnk not. leave hyundai alone god damnit! they're not the best, but theve worked hard for what they've got! ..why don't we go sue ford..or even bmw then. bimmer guys are so pissed about the recalls they have.. <img src=/images/forums/snitz/guns.gif width=33 height=16 border=0> oh..and note "consumer protect" is no real organization, it just says "concerend hyundai dealers/reps.." whatever suck it <img src=/images/forums/snitz/mad.gif width=16 height=16 border=0>

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent from the Internet (Details)

From:Consumer Protect
(A group of concerned Hyundai distributors,dealers and owners)

Dear Hyundai car owner,

You may not know this,but Hyundai has cheated you into buying a
defective and unsafe car whose engine hp figure is falesly
inflated.You are entitled to a full refund in addition to
compensation.To get back at Hyundai and secure your rights,do join
the big class suits being filed against it.

There are two big class suits against Hyundai. The first
is the engine hp inflation suit. The second is the recall and
defects suit. More campaigns are being waged against Hyundai to get
it to refund and compensate Hyundai owners everywhere who have been
cheated into buying Hyundai cars whose engine hp, torque and
compression ratio figures are falsified and to recall over 4,000,000
defective cars it has knowingly sold in most countries and
compensate owners thereof.

According to Korean Ministry of Constuction&Transport(MOCT), over
500,000 Korean-made cars[over 300,000 Hyundai cars] are recalled in
Korea every year for defects and safety reasons.Each and every model
is recalled at least once and some models are recalled 5 times.
View MOCT statement in Korean at
or in English as published in English in the leading Korean
daily Chosun Ilbo:
(Hyundai has never refuted,rebutted or denied such reports in

-NHTSA has just ordered Hyundai to recall over 160,000 cars in the
U.S.for defects and safety reasons.
View NHTSA announcement of Jan.30:
and the story published in English by Korea Times:

-Yet, Hyundai realizes record profits in 2001
View Chosun Ilbo:

-And is aiming to increase sales and exports for 2002
View Chosun Ilbo

Hyundai recalls over 300,000 cars in Korea and 200,000 in the west
every year for safety and quality reasons. It has never done so in
the rest of the world. It follows that Hyundai must recall over
4,000,000 defective cars it has knowingly sold in most countries

Despite its defects and recall problems, Hyundai is still able to
maximize its profits which it can attain through quality dumping,
false labeling,misleading advertising and hoax warranties.

To participate in the false labeling/engine hp inflation class suit
against Hyundai,please fill out the form at:

To participate in the defects/recall class suit against
Hyundai,please fill out the form at:

To view stories published in English in leading Korean newspapers
about Hyundai engine hp figures inflation,please click the following

-Daily Chosun Ilbo

-Daily Korea Times
(Hyundai has never refuted,rebutted or denied such reports)

Good luck

Consumer Protect

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No more rinky-dink mods, getting a job, saving till summer = Beta! or should i just buy headers/tib TB/clutch/tranny? and other misc. shiz for the same price?? the tib engine is a nice base for the future..

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Your actually going to believe that?<img src=/images/forums/snitz/uhh.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>

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There was just a big long discussion about this last week and it is probably still going on.

Basically it is total BS.

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