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Engine Coolant Temp Sensor

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Hey, I just want to know how many ECTS we have on our LC 1.6L? If anyone knows, that would be great.:cool:
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Ok, thats what I thought, thanks. Hopefully when i get my new ECU my codes will go away.
which codes? p0116? have you tested the resistance of the sensor? have you tested + and -?
I got a voltmeter last weekend..this 10 dollar one from doesnt work, so i have to return it and get a better one...I replaced both the ECT and the 02 sensors and my car is now bone stock...and i still throw these 2 codes for ECT and 02 sensor. I just had them read last weekend at autozone, but when i went to the dealer, they never mention these codes to me, just a P0300 for misfiring. It's just really weird that when I go to Autozone, it reads different then when i'm at the dealer. How would i test the resistance of them sensors?
1.6 ecu?

Hey RAK. Still looking for that 1.6 ecu? Was it you who was looking? Anyway...found one on ebay for ya if you want:
Yeah, I already ordered one from ebay on sunday...thanks though.
fintile said:
Hey RAK. Still looking for that 1.6 ecu? Was it you who was looking? Anyway...found one on ebay for ya if you want:
Do you have a life off of HP and eBay? Seriously! Lol j/m just seems like you're always finding stuff on eBay and posting it up lol.
On the life. If you really want to know I always have at least 4 hrs. a day to just sit on the comp. then I work all night till around this time. Takes it all away.
Damn...I wished I had 4hrs of relaxation time a day.:(
stupid question....but you reset the ECU right?....were you upgrading the ECU? I thought i read that somewere
I resetted my ECU many times, and the same codes show up. I had someone from a hyundai dealer remap my original ECU, but he said once i disconnect the battery, the remapping will go away. But I have a feeling it just messed up my ECU or something happened along the lines because when i went to the dealer last time, they had a hard time getting the ECU back to stock and they asked me if i modified the ECU. So i'm getting a new ECU to see if it helps.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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