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Engine light?

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Well I installed my CAI on my 2001 accent. What I did was cut down a CAI off a eagle talon non turbo then put the MAF on, then the Filter in front of that.

It sounds awsome. The only thing that is wrong is the Engine light went on? I then took off the batt for about a min and then it went off. When I took it for a drive around the block it went back on.

If anyone has any tips to get rid of the Engine light for me it would be greatly appreciated.

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Make sure your MAF is fully secured...otherwise, I dunno what to tell ya...sorry.
Its secured. Ive checked the plug to make sure the contacts were clean and was seated properly.

Anyone esle know anything this could be caused from?
I dont know how to post pics on this forum! If someone could tel me I will post pics so you guys can see what im dealing with.

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Well Im an idiot(DUH) . I just went outside to my car to see what was going on with the light and after taking a close look. I found that I put the MAF on backwards. Thats why the engine light was on. Anyways thanks for all your help.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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