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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone here.
The day before yesterday I was at the ATM depositing my paycheck and all of a sudden my car started idling rather hard and when I tried to give it some gas it just got rougher and started sounding like an old diesel tractor. I limped home noticing that the CEL started flashing if I got it above 2k RPM.
I did some research on here and found it was obviously a misfiring cylinder. I proceeded to check the spark plugs for fouling (which there was none) and then I used an old spark plug to test the ignition wire of the misfiring cylinder and it was sparking so I wasn't sure what to do.
I decided to breakdown and try buying a new set of wires because I'm sure that if I had to take it into a repair shop that's one of the first things they'd do and I didn't want to get charged $50 for the 5 min for them to replace them.
So $39 later after a set of Duralast ignition wires from Autozone it's running like a champ. :D
If you're having a problem with a misfiring cylinder and the old spark plug test seems to work try installing a new wire anyways just in case.
Ohh just on a side note, my dad showed me a little trick on figuring out which cylinder is misfiring without having to get a code reader. Turn on the car and pull off the ignition wires till you find the one that doesn't make the engine performance go down anymore.
Thanks again for all the help guys!
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