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engine noise interferes with radio

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I've had my radio unit for over 3 years now, and all of the sudden, everytime I turn on the engine and the radio/cd player starts to play, there's an unbearable static noise, if I accelerate the noise gets higher, if I decelerate it gets lower. Now, I already bought a suppose filter that'll dampen the noise, but it didn't do jack, then I even bought the cables that runs on top of the engine, don't remember what is called, and those cables are also radio noise dampening, nothing works! Well, it worked for about 30 minutes, and then it just started up again.
What the hell can it be interfering with the radio? Can anyone help?
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I have no intentions to hijack this thread but my stock radio has a similar problem. It's in the tape deck. Only if I use the cd/tape adapter it makes the sound. The sound gets higher pitched as the rpms escalate. My mp3 player is battery powered.

Could regrounding the radio do the trick?
In my experience almost 100% of the time engine noise through your speakers is bad ground related.

What abotu a noise filter? Would that help as well?
Possibly. I've had bad luck with those though personally. They must work for some people though or they wouldn't keep selling them I assume.
A condenser somewhere (usually near the dist on older cars) is bad.
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