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this is my first post, so i would like to thank you in advance.

I have a 2014 hyundai Elantra with 83000 km on it, and i had my block replaced in the spring of 2019. I have been experiencing an intermittent shake/shudder of the car. The car has stalled once due to this i think, all other times it just recovers. I have checked the spark plugs (which were ok), changed my air filter (which was dirty so i replaced it), added some gas system cleaner too. I think it's also worse in warmer conditions, as when it's colder it seems smoother. The acceleration seems to be good, no lag or excessive fuel waste.

I have also noticed that when my windows are down and i push the button down the car also shakes, i'm not sure if this is related.

Anything would help!!!!

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