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hi, please excuse any miss information as i’m new here and don’t really know how this works. but i’m trying to figure out some things about my car and what engines may be compatible with it
after researching it seems to me that my car is not all that common and is not mentioned to often.
it’s a hyundai fx coupe 1.8L 2001.

now i’m trying to figure out a new engine to put in it. and from what i can tell the engine is the beta 1.8D engine code g4gm?
i was wondering if anyone know if the beta 2.0, g4gf version will fit the engine mounts in my car and what hyundai they are in. so i can find one. and further still if beta ll 2.0 g4gc will fit in my car.
i don’t know if that made sense at all but if anyone know what i’m talking some help in knowledge so i can track down an engine would be much appreciated.
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