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engine swaps for the excel

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Does anyone know of other engines besides the 4g63 engine that could fit in a 1987 excel? Im looking to do something different, like a honda or acura engine. Ive been doing research but had no luck. I hope someone can help me out
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why a honda or acura engine? that would be too much work
i did the 4g63 swap and im never gettin rid of my car.
I mean us hyundai owners are tryin to beat the haters. do something different. honda/acura swaps are everywhere. is that why you want to do it?
When you installed you mitsu engine, how hard was it? Was it a direct bolt on?
Its not a direct bolt on, but the early hyundais used mitsubishi engines so I doubt theres alot of work involved probalby as much as beta swappin an LC.
hey all, havent really searched the form that much and don't want to start a new thread but i would like to know if any honda engines fit into the x2 model excel.

i ask because down here in australia the new laws are that p-plate drives can't drive a turbo car, so im forced to go n/a.

go 4g63 non turbo. still a good engine
86stellar: is that the 2L twin cam engine??

This question may sound stupid but is it ok to use 95ron fuel in the 4g63 engines?? i ask because petrol prices down here are pretty expinsive :p

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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