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Essential Speed in Ontario?

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Maybe not the right place for this but does anyone know wtf happened to Essential Speed in Cambridge Ontario Canada? They had nice turbo kits for LC...
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search for 'Essential Speed'
Bump... there's nothing on vm either... anyone...anybody!:dead:
I think that company has been gone for quiet awhile now. google their name or try to go to which I think you already have. From googling I found some stuff in the mazda protoge forums how they never reply back to customers and some of the customers never received their orders. I like the header they had for the accent, but they are gone. Just search the forums and ask around this site about force induction there will be plenty of help and support when you decide to go and build your own turbo.:evil: I am glad I didnt order anything from them.
yeah i have sent emails to them inregards to kits for my car, and i did not receive no email or call back
hmm they must have been deleted.. but there were tons of threads started on there about -Shop Name-. Most of them were people who were trying to find him, looking for money.

i'm still not sure what happened. -Owner's Name- was a good guy, I met him once, had a great shop. Slowly it took turns for the worse as they couldn't keep up.. money was owed, they had moved shop, then dissapeared. Possible addresses were posted online. (He had a customers car for a while. Until they stole it back :O). I'm not sure of the status of it, but many people were pursuing legal actions.

anyways think of it like it never existed.

that should give you the idea.

(The above information may or may not be factual)

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