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Exhaust flex pipe repair

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I've got a small tear/hole in the flex pipe. I've search the posts and it seems most people are just replacing it. I was wondering if I could get by, using exhaust repair epoxy tapes? The hole is near the joint so I was thinking of wrapping it around from the joint to about a two inches after the tear, so it will still have some flex. Good idea or just get it replace?

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Best bet is to replace it they make exhaust repair stuff that seem to seal pretty nicely but it depends on the size of the hole and rust and all that, you probably have to replace it someday but you might be able to get by with a temp fix like an exhaust sealer, jb weld, or some type of tape you talked about. That may work for a little bit.
My Elantra has had a broken flexpipe for a while now. I'm just savin up for a cheap header/flexpipe combo to replace.

Pros: Sounds cool.

Cons: Loss of low end power due to loss of backpressure.
loss of power due to loss of backpressure? Indeed, unless your flexpipe is ripped off entirely then you're loosing power for some other reason.

To repair it temporarily, you could pack some steel wool and tie it all together with larger hose clamps. My buddy did that to his DSM 2 years ago and it's still holding.
Very big rusthole in the flexpipe. My catalytic converter could also be clogged too, but no CELs though.
buy Some thermal wrap from auto part's store's and wrap it good,
stay away from the fiberglass wraps if you can.
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