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dude we have a lot done and we have been waiting due to health problems and $$$ problems caused by the health problems.... but now it is time to act. i got people talking trash about the quality etc...and that has made me move into action......
We have a lot of stuff no one has seen and we are waiting for the production items to get here to post photos. We have teamed up for our headers and exhaust with one of the leading manufacturers of the top Japanese brands and they are producing our exhaust to US Specs solely for us. The exhausts are all Stainless steel with laser cut flanges and all factory hanging points. The mufflers are all stainless with stainless and ceramic packing materials inside. We have exhaust for almost all models being done and we have Accent. Elantra, 01 Elantra, Tiburon(all), Sonata (rr section) XG (rr section) Tuscani and also KIA models. Our stainless steel US Spec headers are all race built units that are on over half of the ventus cup tiburons in KOREA. The guy working with me is a three time KATA (racing organization) National Champion. They will retail for under 500.00 for most models excluding tuscani 6 cyl.

watch for more info soon

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Can't wait!!!!!
Can it be installed ourselves?(bolt up/no welding)

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Just bought it so there are no mods :)

Future mods:
Ram Air Intake
Exhaust (headers->muffler)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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