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F.S. Blue UR Pulley 130 Shipped/USA!Ready to be shipped!

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UR Blue Underdrive Pulley - 135 Shipped

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that Pulley is a jewel ready to be snatched up any minute.
You forgot to mention the pulley is blue;):
Thanks noting that.
have you shipped my stuff yet?
It's going out tomorrow, when i pick up my car.
I'll take $260 for both plus shipping...
does this mean my stuff is shipped?
he told me he was shipping some stuff today so im guessing so
Hey sorry but i couldnt ship them out today because stupid UPS was closed, so on monday definetly.
intake added for sale or trade..
hey could you ship my stuff priority mail and ill pay you the difference?

i just checked the priority mail online calculator and its about the same as it cost me to send the stuff UPS.

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You mean USPS? Do they take large packages? If so, i'll ship with them.
Pic of Intake with OLD filter(new filter is a blue cone filter) can be seen here:

[Edited by Ravinaziankid on Jul 17, 2006 8:49 AM]
condition of springs?....and pics please....

also shipping to K7M 1X3 in Kingston, On. for the springs and intake please....

payment types
Dibs on Pulley. Shipping quote to Las Vegas, NV 89130 via USPS please :)
I got the springs from Ryan Olson, he can tell you the mileage on them and all the facts. We just did a trade so these springs werent used by me at all. The shipping should be about like 35 or something from what i estimated.

ryan- I'm going to use UPS because i know they can ship the boxes for sure.

03Accent- Accent0002 has the first dibs right now, but if he doesnt buy them, its yours.
03 Accent- the other deal didnt go through, so the pulley is all yours.
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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