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F/S Custom Turbo Kit For 5speed V6 and Stg 3 Intake Manifold

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i have decided to sell this kit...i have a custom turbo kit to fit a 5speed.

i am selling bc i have a 6speed and no one ever told me this would have fitment issues with the 6speed since its meant for the 5speed. this is what it came with:

Price is set at $2500

i also have a stg3 upper IM forsale for $300. or if u want that with the kit the price is $2800

1. Garret Hybrid T60/56 Turbo Charger
2. Custom 1040 cfm Intercooler
3. Custom Turbo Steel Manifolds (Ceramic Coated 1500 Degrees) Silver
4. Custom Steel Up Pipe (Ceramic Coated 1500 Degrees) Silver
5. Custom Down Pipe (Ceramic Coated 1500 Degrees) Silver
6. Custom Charge Pipe
7. Custom Hot FMIC Pipe
8. HKS Sequential Blow off valve
9. Turbosmart Wastegate 38mm
10. Hi Flow Cat
11. Braided return and supply line for turbo.
12. Clamps and Couplers
13. Spare Oil Pan
14. 440cc Injectors

and a couple more things i cant think of.

[Edited by sungeun6985 on May 11, 2006 11:38 PM]
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i'm sorry to hear the turbo didn't go in as hoped.
yea i dont wana deal with the extra wrench time to make it fit the 6speed.....

so bump anyone witha 5speed wana be turboed?
Whats the big deal about extra wrench time? You can't drive your car anyways! :D Sux to hear things didn't work out...
who built the kit?
the kit is made by rbnigs he lives in PR and was the first turboed v6 in PR
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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