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Fastest Drag Tiburon in the U.S. Video by APE Motors and

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Forget any and all biases about making Tiburons fast. My friend Tom, founder of Advanced Products Engineering (APE) knows that to go fast, you gotta have the best parts. If you want the best parts, you cant just bolt on off the shelf products. You have to BUILD your parts, track test them, and hope you don't break too many other parts along the way. Now because of his hard work, you guys can purchase traction bars, shifter bushings, fuel rail accessories, and nitrous, and the product engineering is pushing forward with more race proven parts to come!

So to flip this whole thing on all of you, I'll let the cat outta the bag. How the hell did Tom run an 11.1 second pass? Not with a manual shifter, thats for sure. Thats right, this car is an automatic. Its funny, I've personally yanked an auto and swapped in a 5 Speed on my race car, but Tom did the opposite. He took out his 5 speed, and swapped in an auto. Why? Because to have this much power, you will go through axles like tooth pics. APE has taken this to a whole new level. He's not running passes at the strip so he can gloat about it, he's doing it because nobody else has. The last Tiburon to get recognition for being in the 10's has to use TWO FRIGGIN ENGINES. Thats not much more than a myth of a car, and certainly its had enough custom fabbing done to pay for a car that'll run 10s on one engine alone, lol. But it made cool burnouts!!!

Anyway, the APE car is going to be breaking into the 10's ANYTIME NOW. We're strapping on one of my 1200 dollar Carbon Fiber Hatches, free of charge, fully sponsored, as well as a new Carbon Fiber hood, and between those two pieces, we hope to drop a good 100 lbs. You think that might shave off 1/10 of a second? I really hope so :)

So check out the pics, and check out the 15MB video, so you can start telling you buddies that Hyundai's can run 10's too!!!

APE's 11.1 second Pass Video (15MB)

So do you think your Manual tranny could keep up? LOL.
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Originally posted by Blacktibs

APE's 11.1 second Pass Video (15MB)


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whats done to that auto to make it take that and not explode?
nost really fast cars use auto trannies. all i know is it aint cheap to build one for drag.
damn, that thing has long ass gears.
Yeah like GM autos that are built to take some crap. Not hyundai autos that like to die before or right after 100k miles. That and that strip about a second to a second and a half off the 1/4, atleast the old gen autos. The new v6 autos seem to be doing better.
he's using an auto because it shift's faster than a manual and are more consistent

the last thing you want is a shifter getting stuck on you while you're trying to shift to 2nd.

damn Korean Linkages!
He already said why he is running an auto, so he doesn't snap axles. I was asking what is done to that auto to let it take that power. Hyundai autos are not known for there ability to handle large amounts of horsepower. Not to mention Ill take a better gear set over a .04sec faster shift anyday (5 gears > 4) Also there are fixes for that bad shifter. Its more in the soft as bushings than the linkages. You miss 2nd with your 5spd??
Its not really just about the axles. He went with the auto for several reasons, but I think he didn't want to put that big a load on the whole car every damn shift. It moves nice and quick, and mainly, consistant. I'll be chasing him down in my RD soon, lol, just a couple seconds slower, haha.

But how he built it, ist just involving upgrading the valve body, and really just knowing what parts will make it go like he wants it to go. I'll get a nice detailed write up for my site, and I'll post it here as well.
So the clutch packs etc are holding up ok? Good news for anyone with an auto hyundai ;):
Originally posted by WytchDctr
So the clutch packs etc are holding up ok? Good news for anyone with an auto hyundai ;):
And that would be the first good news I've ever heard about my
Damn running a Auto, that is good news Now hopefully ffor the new Tiburon they at least put t 5 spd auto in it .
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