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fender scoops on accent

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i saw these at pep boys and wanted a yay or nay weithe i should install them or not

i tried to photoshop them in..

pic of them in package

UPDATE: they are nonfunctional.......

oh today my grill died.... i was off roading and i guess oi was going too fast and one of my zip ties broke and the mesh just twisted:depressed:... i put my oem one back on but i'm saving my money up to get a grill like floyd's.....:rambo:

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i would have to say ney. sorry man, not my cup of tea
If you plan to off-road much...keep it stock.

I say no, no matter what they just look stuck on.

And if you get the Mobis grille sand the black and repaint it before installing it or the black paint chips off like crazy.
ok i'm not going to buy the scoops

what do you mean the black part? which blcak part?
Those are Pep Boys Rice Toys, leave them at pep boys

They look tacky and cheap
If you get the same grill as Floyd, sand it down and repaint it before you install it.

His comes black with black paint sprayed over chrome. You can guess how well the paint sticks to chrome. The tiniest peice of sand or gravel or bug, or even brushing on it, and the black paint comes off.

wow....... they are made cheep....... i might sand the black and paint it blue or red or something.......:ermm: or just chip the black off and leave it chrome..... chrome mesh seems to hide this better then black mesh...........

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I'll second that.. they are fairly ugly and really on an accent.. hmm makes the front look to busy. If anything a nice little scoop say from a firefly turbo scoop might be kewl on the front but those are fairly ugly. Sure glad there isn't a pep boy here.
not feelin it, youd be better off getting gills from a tiburon at the least
if they fit i would
Originally posted by ThaSilvaL
not feelin it, youd be better off getting gills from a tiburon at the least
I saw a BADASS G35 with tiburon gills, looked great

i wonder how they would work on an accent considering they have those ugly door bumpers
someone has done it allready, it was a blue 02 accent on the forums
Pep Boys is awsome...just not for styling.
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