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filter with heat shield?

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i was thinking about buying one of those air filter with the heat shield but i was wondering how much more of a difference it'll make compared to a regular air filter and will it be a waste of money?
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Well in theory it would be a difference as colder air is more dense and therefore creates more power... how much actually works out in practice is not fully proven.

Do you just want to put the cone filter on your existing intake tube or do you want an actual shorty intake?

I say go for the intake. It makes a much nicer low end sound and you'll pick up a tiny bit of throttle response and fuel economy. As for heat shield or no, it really depends on if you have the money or not. The ones I see seem to restrict the air more than sheild it from hot air. I mean it's an accent... not a supercar... it's not like you're going to suddenly be a 10sec car with a heat shielded intake vs a 12 sec car without it.
good point,plus from the looks of the heat shield it kinda looks like you have to have it in the path of a really good air way,maybe i will stick to the regular cone filter
i have a heat shield on my filter but i used it to trap the air from my ac fan to be sucked into the intake........... kinda like a spoon
Wait what? AC Fan air? You mean the blower that exhausts the hot air from the cabin?

Probably not a good idea on that one. Unless you mean cold air from the AC but I don't see how you can get cold air blowing into your engine bay... Please explain that one.

red=the fan behind the radiator
blue= path of air flow
yellow= direction of air flow
grey/silver= the heat shield

the fan only goes on when my a/c is on.... hence me calling it the a/c fan......:smoking:
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bad idea.. you're blowing hot ass air into the intake.. the intake shield is suposed to block the heat...

After you drive around from the store.. come back home and pop the hood and put your hand where this "cool air" is blowing. This is to blow ambiant air on the engine.... Which is blowing the hot being produced off of the engine and into your 'spoon'.

Spin the sheild the other way so it is facing the engine and 'ac fan'.

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the air isnt hot though i let the car run for a little while.......... there is like 2 tubes between the fan and the intake i put my hand in front of the filter and all i felt was warmish cool air................... so turn the shield around then?:ermm: i trust your opinions vamp

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Yeah you mean the radiator fan? Not the AC fan right?

It's a Head shield not a heat funnel

The air you would be best off getting is from the front where the air comes up from under the car/behind the battery.

Sorry to sound rude there man... just didn't know what you meant.

(I actually read a thread that some kid wanted to run his intake from his AC vent in the car to make a true COLD AIR intake) too bad having the AC on all the time would totally kill the performance gains and waste gas like crazy... this is why i got all excited when you mentioned AC air)
should i face it so the opening is pointing toward the ground then?????????????????
That would work. I've never used one so I can't say but in theory as long as it's sheilding the ambient heat from the engine it's good. You aren't actually funnelling any air with the shield... just putting a wal between engine heat and your intake. That's a better way to word it.
thanx much you're a huge help my friend:rambo:

If you can get past my sarcastic-assness 90% of the time you'll see that I can be a helpful guy the other 10% of the time.
pointed the heat shield opening ar like a 45 degree angle from the bottom facing toward the shock
Yeah that should be much better. I honestly don't know if you're going to feel a difference but your engine will like ya a bit more.
thanx.... my friend said i spend too much money on my car and that one day the engine will die and i'll have no car ................ my reply: "two words: beta swap":rambo:

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and another 2 words: "factory warranty."

Haha if something goes wrong, just revert everything engine-wise back to stock and pretend like the problem "just happened"...:bandit:
preach it:smoking:
Originally posted by attist178
and another 2 words: "factory warranty."

Haha if something goes wrong, just revert everything engine-wise back to stock and pretend like the problem "just happened"...:bandit:
w3rd yo.8D
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