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Finally did my suspension....

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Well the front any way. I installed the Zenn lowering springs and used gabriel ultra struts. Right now the the front sits slightly lower than the rear, and I think it looks great that way. The drop wasnt quite as low as i expected, but I guess it needs some time to settle. As for the ride, it is superior! The car has always had such weak soft suspension with oversteer/understeer bad. With boost the car was all over the road, not anymore! Stays straight and feels great! The job was a pita, especially since i managed to break a wheel stud and had to change that too. The only thing I didnt understand it what everyone was talking about cutting the bumpstop. WTF was the bumpstop cause i didnt cut nothing.....
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you didn't have a rubber thing that slides along the shaft of the strut?
yeah the boot. The new struts didnt come with boots i had to use the old ones only to find out they didnt fit proper. The bottom of them wouldnt fit around the strut part so its loose and kinda moves around prolly.
I dont have bumpstops.. is that bad?
only a little bit
so it look like the zenn spring are a good buy, got any pics
Just curious, Did you get it aligned yet?
I'll get some pics up this week, not today though im sick =-( I havent got it aligned, I figured I'll get the back done then go get it aligned.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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