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Finally got it on the dyno.

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I took it out to the track a few weekends ago and then had it dynoed two days after that.
Here's the link for the dyno run. Remember this thing is running 8.5:1 pistons so....

Here's the results of the run.

And here is the time I got with it. I was in the left lane

Also the guy who dynoed for my said his dyno shows about 10% lower numbers than a dynojet.

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Not bad. The engine sounds really good.
That video makes me want to put my CAI back in..
did they have a fan infront of the car? If not, expect better numbers.

Good Job!
15.665 for a low comp engine. That is really good. Ben ran 15 with nitrous shot. I assume you will break into the 13's with boost. Go crazy with it man. Good job so far. I'm still trying to find someone to make those custom mounts you have for less money. I do want the same set-up you have BEta engine- Beta tranny.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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