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Last Tuesday I decided to run my car for the first time. It's a manual '95 Accent with the stock 1.5 sohc. It has 130,000 mi with the stock clutch. The only engine performance done is a full 2 1/4" exhaust.

Anyway, I assumed the car would run in the high 18's maybe even low 19's. So I was surprised by my first run of 18.325 with a decent r/t of .610. On to the second run (my best run of the night) I ran a 17.776 with a r/t of .658. Nothing neck breaking, but surprising to me. I got four runs in total. My best r/t was a .512! (not bad for a first timer) but I had pretty bad wheel spin, so it was only a 17.877. My last run was a 17.891 which I redlighted with a .441 r/t and also bogged first cause I was trying to find a good launch piont.

I'm going back this Tuesday, I think I can get another couple tenth's out of it. If I can keep up with the good r/t's then I just need to find the sweet spot between spinning the tires and bogging down. So I think a 17.5 is possible. We'll see, I'll have fun trying <img src=icon_smile_approve.gif border=0 align=middle>


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